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April 28th! Official launch date for Invasion – Book One of the Carolina Files

Willa Blackmore, author

Magic is hard. Duty is harder. Dying is the worst…

Tula Whitlow is a true born witch who has a problem with magic. She’s basically bad at it, which doesn’t concern her greatly, because in her comfortable, privileged world, being adept has never been particularly important.

She’s also much too busy to refine her craft. As the reluctant head of a centuries old clan of witches, not only is she tasked with overseeing the sprawling family inn located in the heart of downtown Henley-on-Hale – an inn often frequented by supernatural guests – she’s also responsible for shepherding her mercurial and dangerous aunt, and her two recalcitrant sisters. 

When she’s called upon by a handsome FBI agent to help a dying young woman who’s been invaded by an ancient evil, Tula wonders if she is up to the task.

After all, there’s not exactly an instruction manual on dealing with vines that bite…then fester and grow. And not just in the rich Carolina soil, but in human skin.

To beat an enemy that’s as old as time, Tula will have to enlist the help of her unreliable relatives, and Victor, a rogue Irish vampire currently sheltering at the inn.

Will she be able to sharpen her magic skills enough to get the job done? To beat this enemy she’s gonna need every resource at her disposal, and even that might not be enough…

Invasion is the first installment in The Carolina Files series by Willa Blackmore. Perfect for readers of gritty, fun urban fantasy in the vein of Jim Butcher’s Dresden books, and the hit TV show Supernatural.