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Coming Dec. 30th! Masquerade, Book 3 of The Carolina Files

Coming January 2023 Sleeper, Book 1 of my new series (as yet unnamed!)

Willa Blackmore, author

INVASION: The Carolina Files Book One

Witchery… People think it’s fun and easy. Whisper a spell, fire up a candle or two, then flutter your eyelashes at some sexy beast waiting in the wings. Bingo. Problem solved. Yes, that’s how it goes… in movies maybe. Real life? A whole ‘nother thing. And the only sexy beast waiting for me is the kind that rips your eyeballs out. My love life is a work in progress.

Yeah, being a witch is hard, but it’s nothing compared to being a Whitlow witch. We’re supposed to be the problem solvers. Werewolves in the basement? Call a Whitlow. Lost dog? Ditto. Boyfriend cheated? You get the idea.

I also work with local law enforcement on supernatural cases. Most of the time it’s pretty easy. Contrary to popular opinion, monsters aren’t all that smart. Servants of darkness can be a little tricky, but their ego gets them every time. Give ’em enough rope, they’ll go straight back to hell. But this new case is different and way above my pay grade – dark magic dating back to the time of the Druids, with a young woman’s life hanging in the balance. Truth is, if I can’t figure this one out, her death might be a mercy.

I’d rather walk on burning coals, but I’m gonna have to call in the calvary. Which means working with my family, and that scares me more than any darkling ever could.

Invasion is the first installment in The Carolina Files series by Willa Blackmore. Perfect for readers of gritty, fun urban fantasy in the vein of the hit TV show Supernatural.